I would like to introduce you to Mazatipioyate, which means Iron House Nation, my Lakota, Dakota, Nakota (SIOUX) language. My ancestors never experienced incarceration amongst our tribes, so the name Iron House was created to give a name to this new doctrine of western thought.

Our mission at Mazatipioyate is to save Native American children and youth from becoming future prisoners inside these Iron Houses. In doing so, we hope to bring awareness, healing, and change to the social-ills and new age addictions plaguing Native homelands and communities in the USA. We have come to the realization that many Native Americans and mainstream society have been pressured away from their humanity to be politically correct and fail to address this vital issue that will continue to face Native Peoples into the 21st century and beyond!

How can we, as human beings on Unci-Maka (Grandmother Earth), really live in harmony and peace, if we fail to be that voice and stewards of change?

Poverty, addiction, lack of culture, the disappearance of Tribal languages, and finally the lack of actions by people is what will ultimately effect the next 7th Generations.

new1As each new day begins, as each hour passes, Native children and youth will continue to enter these Iron Houses of oppression. Now with each new sunrise our children and youth will not only be discriminated against for bearing the prisoner label and forever be scorned by our people and by mainstream society, but also legally discriminated against in housing, employment, higher education, and food programs. Help us create a new vision, and help us give them a new opportunity!

Join our efforts and join our sacred circle! We apologize for the harshness of our words, but inhumanity never lets up. We will leave you with a sacred word that brings us back to the humanity that lives in us all, “Mitakuye Oyasin” (We are all related).

Robert A. Horse #13466